1st Line Support Engineer

1st Line Support Engineer


A career as a 1st Line Support engineer is perfect for you if you enjoy sharing your knowledge of technology to educate and assist others.


Qualifications and Requirements

An ITIL qualification is great to have on your CV and is often a requirement for a 1st line support job. The training teaches you how to provide IT services with supporting businesses in mind. To find a centre near you where you can join the course, use the search tool on their website: http://bit.ly/1qGvQAd.

Some companies require you to have gained a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND) in computing and IT. HNCs and HNDs are level 5 qualifications and to get into an HND course you will need one A-level or equivalent.

You may also need an MCP- Microsoft Certified Professional. This is an official certification in Microsoft products. The course requires you to complete and pass one exam.

Some companies simply require you to have school or college qualifications in IT and be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of computer networking and software.

In terms of personal skills, you must have good problem-solving skills and be proactive in dealing with support issues. You need good communication skills and confidence in liaising with clients and all levels of colleagues.


Job Description

1st line support engineers provide a range of services to assist clients with making best use of their technological equipment and software. They show the client how to solve their specific problems through a product that the support engineer is an expert in.

As a 1st Line support engineer, you will spend time troubleshooting support issues, working through any problems and using your knowledge to solve them and help prevent those problems occurring again. You will use an effective monitor, control and reporting system to meet client’s needs.


Careers and Prospects

You must maintain your knowledge and understanding of the relevant technology but it is not necessary to gain new qualifications throughout your career, any additional experience does not tend to have a significant effect on pay. Most people in a 1st line support job move on to other positions after 20 years.



On average, 1st line support engineers earn a salary of £18,388 per year. A qualification in Microsoft/Windows support often correlates with a higher salary in this career. The average starting salary is £12,954; the average top salary is  £25,997 (in 2014). For the first 5-10 years in this position, pay tends to increase rapidly.


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