Business Analyst

Business Analyst


A career as a business analyst is perfect for you if you enjoy challenging your mind and finding innovative solutions to problems.


Qualifications and Requirements

Most companies require candidates to have a degree, preferably one in IT and programming subjects. The Information Systems Examinations Board offer a specific qualification which is the Diploma in Business Analysis.

In terms of personal skills, you must be focussed and be able to establish clear objectives. You must be a thinker and a problem-solver but be excellent at communicating ideas tactfully. You must be logical and objective in your work.


Job Description

A business analyst’s job is to interpret and understand how businesses can work more efficiently through IT resources. They assess the impact of those changes, analyse, document and illustrate them to their client.

Business analysts can be found in a number of positions within a company’s structure such as: in the IT department, communicating between the company and their department; identifying business needs within separate business units; coordinating and managing change across the whole business.


Careers and Prospects

 The International Institute of Business Analysts offer a qualification called the Certified Business Analysis Professional for those who can demonstrate expertise in their field in the CBAP application and who pass the CBAP examination. This qualification can be obtained by demonstrating expertise in this area through the CBAP application process and passing the CBAP examination of this institution.

Most people who have gained 20 years experience in this job often then move on to other careers.



On average, Business Analysts earn a salary of £37,030 per year. Knowledge of Oracle often correlates with a higher salary in this career. The average starting salary is £25,012; the average top salary is £60,525 (in 2014).


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