Project Manager

Project Manager


A career as a project manager is perfect for you if you enjoy organising and overseeing a project, leading a team and working closely with the clients as well as your colleagues.


Qualifications and Requirements

A degree or postgraduate course in a relevant subject such as computing, information systems, project management or business management is preferred. If you are already working as an IT professional and you have had the opportunity to take on some responsibility for projects you may be able to move into project management.

Desirable skills for being a project manager include sound understanding of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office and Project Management software.

In terms of personal skills, good leadership skills and both written and verbal communication skills are necessary. You must have a business orientated mind and excellent problem-solving skills. You must have a focussed and organised approach to projects with the ability to time manage and meet deadlines. The ability to work within budget limits is also essential.


Job Description

As an IT project manager you would supervise the process of establishing and development of IT systems for companies. It would be your responsibility to keep projects within the deadline and the agreed budget. You would use various project management methods and software to fulfil your project ideas.

Each project is likely to vary in size and type depending on the client you are working for and their requirements.

Your tasks would typically include: holding a meeting with your client to discuss and decide what they should gain from their IT system; planning project stages and monitor progress, ensuring costs, timings and quality is up to standard.

You would coordinate your team’s work and manage them throughout the project and keep your client and senior managers up to date with progress. Once the project is complete you will write up an evaluation.


Careers and Prospects

Within your company, you may be signed up to or encouraged to do development courses such as those provided by The Chartered Institute for IT, Association for Project Management (APM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

You can progress your career by looking for jobs with larger and more successful names in the industry. Most people who have gained 20 years experience in this job often then move on to other careers.



On average, Project Managers earn a salary of £43,511 per year. Knowledge of Java often correlates with a higher salary in this career. The average starting salary is £29,058; the average top salary is £76,517(in 2014). Pay tends to have a moderate increase from entry level to experienced, late career.


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