Web Developer

Web Developer


A career as a Web Developer is perfect for you if you enjoy design, computing and if you like working both logically and creatively.


Qualifications and Requirements

A degree, or a HND qualification in an IT subject is usually required to become a web developer. IT subjects can include web development or web design, multimedia design, digital media development, web content management, business information systems and computer programming.

You will need to have an excellent knowledge of common operating systems and servers; databases and web programming; networking and security; graphics and web design. You will need an understanding of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for website accessibility. You can find more details about this on their website.

Other desirable skills for being a web designer include sound understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, Javascript, HTML.

Skills in IT are constantly evolving, so check descriptions on lots of different web developer vacancies to see what the current desirable skills are.

In terms of personal skills, you will need to have problem-solving skills. You must be both creative and technically knowledgeable. This is essential in having a good eye for design, usability and interactivity. Good communication and people skills are necessary too. You must have good time-management skills, and be able to meet deadlines.


Job Description

As a web developer you will be designing and building websites and website applications, and then maintaining them.

Typical duties will include: working with the client to decide upon an idea that best suits their needs; deciding on the architecture of the site and the features within it; ensure integration with client’s existing network; work with web designer to decide aesthetic of the site; build in user access and security; find and fix any bugs on the site.


Careers and Prospects

Those who have a career in web development generally do not have more than 10 years of experience in the field. The salary tends to increase progressively for more experienced but it tends to go down rapidly for employees who have reached 20 years of experience.



On average, Web Developers earn a salary of £24,441 per year. Knowledge of ASP. NET often correlates with a higher salary in this career. The average starting salary is £15,972; the average top salary is £37,730 (in 2014).


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